What is Photocircle about?


During my travels I often asked myself whether it was actually right what I was doing.


Although I always try to travel with a certain consciousness for the environment and the people I encounter, trying to avoid any tourist-stereo-type behaviour, keeping a low profile - enviromentally and culturaly - as good as I can and getting in contact with local people and habits rather than just passing through the country complaining about how few ATMs they have, how horrible the roads are and how weird their food is, it often enough just did not feel entirely right.

It often felt wrong to leave relatively much money in those countries while knowing that it actually doesnt reach the people who make us feel welcome, who lack of so much yet invite us with a smile - that it doesnt reach the nature that makes us want to travel there, that provides us with these magic moments we will never forget...

No - most of the money we leave there ends up in the hands of people who don't need it. The hotel-owner (probably from England), the supermarket-owner (a frenchman), the outdoorshop-owner (a swissman), the bus-company owner (a local who lives abroad in the US since 10 years) and the flight company, that pays 0,01% of your ticket's price as an airport-tax. And in the end the money that does actually stay in the country is being spent on a new highway, a new airport, a bigger hotel and a new supermarket that sells Erdinger Weißbier, swiss choclate and Pringles. All things that we don't really want there.

I realised that despite my efforts to behave right I didn't really feel comfortable about travelling through countries, taking a lot of pictures, profiting from their sales, while the motif - the poeple on the photos and the environment they live in - do not benefit from it at all. Im aware of the fact that one cannot change the world, but I think one can help to conserve it as it is and maybe make things easier for some people.

To put it short: Im proud to be a part of the Photocircle-community, whose vision is to establish a fair photo-market, that includes the people in the pictured areas in the benefit of sales.


Photocircle selects high quality photos from different photographers all over the world and offers them in various formats, styles and materials. With each purchase each photographer donates at least 30% of his earnings + a fix rate of 6% of the total price to a social project active in the are where the photo was taken.

So in the end you recieve a high quality fine art print but also help to conserve and improve the area depicted on the photo.


You close the circle between photographer, client and motif! 

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